We spend the vast majority of our waking hours working, yet so many people get stuck and stalled in careers they hate or that are boring or a bad fit.

Kim’s mission is to ensure that as many people as possible are fulfilled and rewarded by the work they do. Everyone deserves to feel good on Sunday night at 9pm. Life is too short to burn away on the wrong work.

Practice Areas:

Career Counseling

Kim helps her clients conduct successful career transitions through structured, focused activities and ridiculously high levels of accountability. From identifying viable options to effective personal branding to negotiating offers, she employs a customized, strengths-based approach to help people achieve desirable outcomes in a competitive market. Services are for employees and entrepreneurs, because either way, you’re a business of one.

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Talent Management Consulting

Most smaller businesses don’t have the bandwidth to give Talent Management the TLC it needs to truly thrive. Kim serves as a resource to develop and implement systems to attract and retain and grow top talent. Her areas of expertise include Culture Development, Employer Branding, Talent Acquisition / Sourcing / Recruiting, Employee Engagement, Change Management, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, and Succession Planning.

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