Meet Kim

Kim Eisenberg lives and breathes career development.

From an early age, Kim realized she had a talent for landing jobs – good jobs – despite obstacles like having dropped out of high school and doing all the dumb things teenagers do (yes, she’ll tell you stories if you ask nicely). She stumbled her way into corporate career development in 2002, and has been in private practice since 2008.

Her work in career development began at Right Management, a global consulting firm and now Manpower subsidiary. She initially came on board as a temp, while looking for a “real” job, but quickly found a home there. During her tenure at Right, she helped individuals successfully manage their careers and navigate challenging transitions. As a Project Manager and then a VP, she partnered with corporate clients on their organizational development and talent management strategies. Her client base included Fortune 500 companies, national associations, NGOs, and non-profits.

After 6 years at Right, Kim’s bleeding heart led her to career services at a non-profit while getting her ducks in a row for graduate school. Since earning her MSW, she’s held management roles in behavioral health research and social services, where she had broad responsibility for hiring, training, and developing teams.

In her private practice, Kim blends her background in corporate career services & workforce development, her personal experience in management, and her extensive training in strengths-based counseling. The result is sharp, business savvy coaching delivered with a warm and supportive style.

Kim holds a Master’s in Social Work Administration, a Bachelor’s in Sociology, and a certificate in Career Coaching. She has published articles in several peer-reviewed scientific journals. (This is not relevant to her current work, but by golly, those articles were challenging, and she’s proud of them!)

If you want to read the nitty-gritty details of her background, connect on LinkedIn (just be sure to send a short note introducing yourself).

A Baltimore, MD native, Kim has been happy to call San Diego home since 2008.

When she isn’t working, she is most likely:

  • Volunteering for organizations like WordsAlive, TEDxSanDiego, Ignite San Diego, and San Diego PRIDE
  • Organizing a Burning Man theme camp and regional projects
  • Hosting parties, potlucks, craft events, clothing swaps, and board game nights
  • Hiking with her dog, Broccoli
  • Planning her next travel adventure (currently accepting suggestions and links to your travel blog)
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