Resumes are dying – finally!

Think your resume is going to win you the interview? Think again.

My prediction: within the next 10 years, we will see the resume become obsolete. Social media and our ability to share information in the blink of an eye mean that you can say whatever you want about yourself on “paper,” but employers only really care about what you demonstrate. You can tell people you’re a strategic visionary, but if there’s nothing in your brand that shows it, it’s meaningless.

Do you still need a resume? Yes. For now. But you should be paying equal attention to the trail you leave on social media (hint: add value!) and your reputation among colleagues. Those are the things that matter. Your resume is a formality.

Written by Kim Eisenberg

Kim Eisenberg

I provide individual and corporate career development services to clients throughout the US. I’m your trusted business advisor, motivational speaker, professional butt-kicker, and complacency crusher rolled into one.

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