‘Tis the Season… for a job search?

Every year at the beginning of November, our collective focus shifts to the holiday season.

Colorful LightsBefore we’ve finished our leftover Halloween candy, we’re bombarded with Thanksgiving and Christmas displays, and start getting wrapped up in holiday plans and commitments. Subsequently, many people make a conscious decision to put their job search activities on hold, usually with the intention of starting back up, refreshed and renewed, in early January. The rationale is that there won’t be any major hiring activity in November and December, and it makes sense to take a break.

If you’ve been thinking about taking this course of action, there are 3 big reasons to reconsider.

1. While some organizations don’t hire new employees in Q4, others are in a mad scramble to do so before the calendar year ends and budgets change.

Other organizations simply don’t ¬†care since their fiscal year ends during the summer. The key here is that you as the job seeker don’t know a prospective employers’ strategy or motivations for hiring decisions, so don’t act as though you do. Most importantly, don’t drop out of a race that hasn’t been canceled.

2. Temporary and seasonal work is a great way to get your foot in the door!

Historically, this type of work has meant the retail and hospitality industry. But the explosion of online shopping and related services now means that companies have to increase their professional workforce over the holidays. Technical support (software, web, help desk), customer service, and recruiting all ramp up in order to handle the increased volume. And while there are no guarantees, if you provide an e-commerce company with stellar web services during crunch time, there may be a permanent spot for you when the dust settles.

3. The holiday season is the absolute best time for networking.

Whether you’re an outgoing, social person or the type who breaks out in hives at the mere mention of “networking,” the coming months are an amazing opportunity to reconnect with the people you already know (and love and trust) and meet new friends in relaxed, casual environments. Attend a holiday party at your friend’s office, check out that professional association’s holiday soiree, go on a Santa-themed pub crawl in your neighborhood (did you know there are at least 3 of those in San Diego this year?), or spend some time handing out supplies at a homeless shelter. Everywhere you go, people will be in good spirits and happy to meet someone new. And if not, you can commiserate about the incessant Christmas music that’s been playing for the past 6 weeks, or how you can’t button your pants any more.

Don’t lose momentum right now! You’ll be ahead of the game in January if you enjoy the coming season while maintaining your focus.


Written by Kim Eisenberg

Kim Eisenberg

I provide individual and corporate career development services to clients throughout the US. I’m your trusted business advisor, motivational speaker, professional butt-kicker, and complacency crusher rolled into one.

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