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Resumes and LinkedIn profiles are skimmed for an average of 10 seconds. Maybe 30 seconds if you’re really lucky. To capture your reader’s attention, you must be succinct and compelling.

If you have a well-defined career goal and need help developing your marketing materials, our premium branding services are for you. They are available a la carte or in combination with Career Counseling to achieve optimal results.Resumes

Resumes & LinkedIn Profiles

All branding services begin with a free phone consultation. During that call, be prepared to share your specific career goal and what you want your branding materials to do for you (hint: the answer is not “get me a job”).

If you decide to work with us, you’ll complete an online enrollment process and provide additional background information.

After that, you’ll have your Branding Appointment, a virtual meeting during which you’ll sit back and relax while you speak freely with your consultant about your talents, accomplishments, and goals.

From that point forward, we take over and do the heavy lifting for you. Within 5 business days, you’ll receive drafts of your new documents and/or web copy for your review. After that, you’ll have another 5 days to request any revisions via email or phone. If you’ve requested our help in setting up your LinkedIn profile, we’ll also tend to that during the revision period.

Steps & Deliverables:

  1. Free phone consultation.
  2. Online enrollment to become a client.
  3. Virtual appointment with your consultant.
  4. Receive first drafts within 5 business days. Drafts are in MS Word & PDF format.
  5. Request revisions (up to 2 rounds) via email or phone within 5 business days.
  6. OPTIONAL: Request LinkedIn Profile set-up, also within the 5 business day revision period.

Pricing Tiers

Tiers are based on the level you want to target, not your current level. 

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