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Imposter Syndrome (and How to Punch It In Its Stupid Face)

Over dinner, my friend tells me “I’ve been promoted to my level of incompetence.” She goes on to say she feels like she’s faking it – and has for the past 4 years. She’s a Director at a biotech firm making significant strides toward curing cancer. The next day, one of my clients, the VP of a prominent investment firm, is explaining how…

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No! You Don’t Get To Take Off The Whole Month Of December

A few years ago, right around this time of year, I gave you a list of 3 great reasons you shouldn’t put your job search on hold until the new year. I considered simply recycling that post and calling it a day, but despite my lingering tryptophan hangover, I’m going to yell at you in new and original ways! I remain steadfast…

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5 Reasons Burning Man is Good for My Career – and Yours!

This past April, I climbed a ladder with my laptop bag slung over my shoulder. The ladder led to a wobbly loft perched above the outdoor dining area of El Retiro Lodge in Lanquin, Guatemala. This loft was the only spot on the property with Wi-Fi, and guests could pay for it in 15-minute increments. I was there to check…

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Outside My Comfort Zone: Ignite San Diego

In January, a client-turned-friend encouraged me to apply for Ignite San Diego. The premise: a community event where speakers discuss their passions. The format: 18 speakers delivering 5 minute presentations using 20 slides – that auto-advanced every 15 seconds. I applied and was accepted, along with 17 of my fellow brave, talented San Diegans. My topic was Do Not Follow Your Passion….

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This is a Post About Depression and Your Career

I’ll be the first to admit that I have struggled with depression on and off throughout my life. My first taste of it was as a teenager and it was very much a by-product of what was going on in my personal/family life. I was able to recover through therapy, medication, and oodles of hard work. The bouts of depression…

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Elbows, Entrepreneurship, and Endurance

In late August 2012, my own career transition imploded. I’d been at my job for almost 9 months, and I was miserably unhappy. It was great organization and I had a great team. I’d had high hopes going in, but the writing was on the wall almost immediately. It was a bad match and I desperately wanted out. After a…

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Why You Need To Chill Out (About Your Job Search)

By the time most people call me for help with their job search, it’s too late. No, not too late to find a great job (it’s never too late for that!), but way too late to find it in the next month or two. This process takes time.

Should You Follow Your Passion?

Are you following your passion? Have you figured out your purpose in life yet? Found your calling? Living up to your full potential? Doing what you love (so you won’t have to work a day in your life)?

Want a New Career in the New Year? 7 Strategies to Crush Your Competition in 2014

I recently met Joel Libava, the Franchise King, and he invited me to write a guest blog post for his readers who aren’t quite yet ready to take the plunge into franchise ownership, and are looking to make career changes in 2014.

So You Want to Reinvent Yourself? 8 Steps to a New Career Path

If you’ve been following along, you know that I held a Q&A session on career topics for an online community. Many of the people who had questions were aspiring entrepreneurs in STEM professions – which is highly representative of my client base here in San Diego.


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