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emperor-penguin_521_600x450Kim partners with small to mid-sized, growth-focused organizations to design and implement systems for long-term success. She delivers a range of services within HR / Organizational Development – areas that are often overlooked when an organization is evolving. By working with Kim in the present, your business will have a scalable foundation to attract, develop, and retain top talent for years to come.

Practice areas:

Diversity & Inclusion – is your workplace truly inclusive, or are you coasting on platitudes like, “we treat everyone the same”? Bias is intrinsic and rampant, and if you’re not addressing it, you’re neglecting it. And it’s hurting your bottom line. Kim’s areas of specialization are gender equity & gender inclusiveness in your workplace, and she strongly suggests you work with her along with an intersectional array of consultants that represent the marginalized groups you’re trying to include (i.e. please don’t have your only diversity consultant be an able-bodied, cis white woman).

Recruitment – retained search for companies who want a business partner to help them source, screen, interview, hire, and onboard.

Employer Branding – if you’re not clear on why someone would want to work for your company, your potential talent pool isn’t either.

Performance Management – building competency models and systems for assessing performance on the front end sets the stage for engaged employees and a shared path forward, as well as an accountability framework to turn to if people aren’t meeting their performance goals.

Executive Coaching & Succession Planning – are your leaders or “high potentials” as effective as they could be? Short-term, structured executive coaching engagements help leaders move from good to great.

Outplacement & Change Management – whether it’s due to restructuring or M&A, providing support for departing employees and the people you retain is critical to your organization’s ongoing success.


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